Boring and Milling

Our Milling shop consists out of 5 ultra modern boring machines with spindle diameters of 180 and 225 mm, some machines are equipped with CNC-rotary tables with capacities up to 100 tons, all machines are controlled by the latest Siemens Controls.
Two of our HBM’s are equipped with a full CNC-controlled indexing table (C-axis) and a tailstock. By using conventional roller rests or hydrostatic rests we are able to perform Slot milling on generator shafts up to appr. 60 tons.
Professional operators perform operations with tight tolerances on parts up to 200 tons.

Type  Headstock
travel (Y-axes)
travel (X-axes)
Floortype, spindle ø180mm   4.000mm  20.000mm
Floortype, spindle ø180mm  4.500mm   12.000mm 
Floortype, spindle ø180mm  4.500mm   16.000mm 
Floortype, spindle ø225mm 6.000mm  25.000mm
Floortype, spindle ø225mm  6.000mm   25.000mm